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Nell McCallum—the trusted, full-service professional court reporting firm for litigation services, legal transcripts, depositions, and secure records repository for more than 50 years.

Full Service Litigation Support
Since 1968

Complete legal support services with secure, HIPPA Compliant repository to protect your data.

Court Reporting

Nell McCallum provides precision, efficiency, and accuracy in court reporting. From in-person to remote depositions and arbitrations, our court reporters deliver prompt, professional transcripts that reliably equip your legal strategies.

Records Retrieval

Our industry-leading web repository allows attorneys and clients to download records, view status, access invoices, and manage all orders securely. Our reputation for expeditious file management is your advantage.

Conference Rooms & More

Include scheduling of conference rooms and video conferences that help save time and costs. Subpoena process and video services to produce your video depositions and provide additional services to assist your litigation objectives.

Trusted Service for Attorneys

Attorneys and mediators across the country rely on Nell McCallum’s experience and secure records and file management in all areas of litigation.

With offices in both Beaumont and Houston along with our nationwide network, our firm of qualified court reporters has powerful resources to handle complex litigation needs, depositions, records retrieval, conferencing, and more such as:

  • HIPAA-Compliant data repository
  • 24 hour access to deposition, exhibits and data
  • Certified Court Reporters, Real-Time Reporters
  • Assurance, accuracy, and quality control
  • Court reporting — In Person and Remote
  • Expedite service available

Setting the Bar Since 1968

As an independently-owned reporting firm of over 50 years, Nell McCallum has a vast network of qualified reporters in Texas and across the U.S.

Our accomplished team of specialists combine quality reporting and valuable deposition and litigation support with personal service. Reporters and law firms alike benefit from our protected digital repository where deposition transcripts and orders are readily accessible.

Excellent elements of our court reporting include:

  • LiveNote Stream™
  • E-transcript
  • Nationwide Scheduling Network
  • Exhibit Repository
  • HIPPA-Compliant data repository
  • Remote depositions, Zoom depositions
“We have built our solid reputation in litigation support with a very simple philosophy: Always combine personal service with the expertise and exact skill that each assignment demands.”

Nell McCallum

“I have been a client of Nell McCallum and Associates for over 18 years and for good reason. The experienced professionals at Nell McCallum have always provided timely, solution oriented services with a personal touch; they truly care about their clients.”
A.E. Knight, Esq.